QuirkyOur old friend, Mick “Quirky” Quee is back in the crow’s nest of the S.S. Laker for season 2015.

Quirky played for the Lakers from 2002 to 2009.

Before that Quirky played for the Canberra Rams in the TAC under 18 comp.

For the last few years Quirky has been sailing the seven seas, hunting treasure, forcing people to walk the plank and touring Europe with his former band, ‘Dead City Ruins’.

It’s fair to say that after pickling his liver with rum on the long sea journeys, a bit of preseason won’t go astray.

Not only is Quirky playing but he has also joined the committee – specialising in social events.

Quirky feels he has some unfinished business from 2009 and is pushing the barrow to try and get a few old shipmates back as well.

In true pirate spirit Quirky is holding the jumper he stole in 2009 in the attached photo.

It’s great to have you back aboard, Quirky.


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