biggestlosersmallOver the preseason, KFNC will be holding a “Biggest Loser” competition.  With seven official starters contributing the entry fee of $100 the winner is set to take home $700 as a minimum.

There is a twist to keep everyone interested, whoever comes last needs to throw in another $100 on the final weigh in night for drinks.

First weigh-in is Meet the Coaches Day, 16/11, and the final weigh-in is on 9/4, Thursday night before round one.

The person who loses the biggest percentage of body weight wins.

The competitors so far are –


Hursty Jnr

Books Snr

Dog Heal

Benny Dot Collins

Kevin Taxi Maloney  – late weigh in due to his knee reco 18/11

Anyone else that would like to be part of it please let Dog know or just come and weigh-in at Meet the Coaches Day.


Go Lakers!

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