andrewMcMahonThe next recruit to be revealed for 2015 is young Andrew ‘Beach’¬†McMahon.

Andrew played his juniors at Yarra Glen and in 2014 played a series of senior games in their premiership season.
He is a very exciting, up and coming talent that can play in multiple positions on the ground. Andrew will provide lots of run and the trademark McMahon determination.

Andrew joins many of his family members already at the Kingdome. His brothers, Sean and Ian, and cousins, David and Paul, all played football this season, whilst his cousins, Lauren and Claire, took to the netball court in 2014. Sean, David and Lauren have partners playing at the club as well.

The McMahon connection to the club is historically very important and enduring. Just recently, Kinglake life member, Jim McMahon, donated a trophy he won in the 1940s!

So it is with great pride that we welcome another McMahon back home.

Stay tuned for more player recruitment updates and news about the appointment of netball coaches….


Go Lakers!

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