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Coaches re-sign for 2021

KFNC is delighted to announce the Re-Signing of Head Coaches Andrew Fairchild (Football) and Latoya Wards (Netball) for season 2021. Both head coaches did an exceptional job in the 2019 season and had put a mountain of work into preparing for a 2020 season. The excitement from all involved at our club was visible in the early stages of this year with both coaches laying the foundations for a big season ahead. Unfortunately this was not to be and the cancellation of the 2020 season was disappointing for everyone (obviously) but especially for both coaches who had put so much work into a season that never was. We are thrilled that both Andrew and Latoya are dedicated to making sure all that hard work preparing for the 2020 season will be used to benefit the club as we forge ahead to an even more exciting 2021 season.

KFNC would like to thank Andrew and Latoya for all their hard work up to now and wish them all the best for the 2021 season.


Spider and Latoya